How our services will work?

Our ECG services are designed to make diagnostic testing easy and convenient for you. To schedule an appointment, simply visit our website, download our app or call us to select a convenient time for one of our licensed technicians to visit you at your home. At the scheduled time, the technician will arrive with a portable ECG machine and place electrodes on your chest, arms, and legs to record your heart’s electrical activity. The recording is then transmitted to a board-certified cardiologist for interpretation, who will analyze the results and provide a diagnosis. The results are delivered to you or your healthcare provider in a timely manner so that you can take appropriate action based on the diagnosis. Our team is dedicated to providing you with high-quality, patient-centered care that is both convenient and accessible, so you can be confident in the accuracy of your diagnosis and the care you receive.

ECG Services Dr at Doorstep

What Types of ECG We Do?

  • Resting ECG
  • Ambulatory ECG (Holter monitor)
  • Event monitor ECG

When do you need us?

  • If you are experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, or irregular heartbeat
  • If you have a family history of heart disease
  • If you are at risk of heart disease due to factors such as high blood pressure, diabetes, or high cholesterol

Why is ECG Important?

An electrocardiogram, often known as an ECG, examines the electrical activity, rhythm, and beat of your heart. You can get the best ecg service at home in ahmedabad, vadodra and surat with the experts at your doorstep. It is the only approach to identify some issues with the electrical impulses of the heart. An ECG may be performed for a variety of causes, such as an irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath when exerting oneself, noticeably high blood pressure, palpitations, or a suspected heart valve issue. It can also be a helpful method for excluding issues. If your doctor advises getting an ECG, consider it a simple investigation.

An ECG can be used to identify:

  • problems impacting the electrical system of the heart
  • cardiac arrests
  • irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia): fast, slow, or inconsistent heartbeats
  • cardiac arrest due to inadequate blood flow to the heart heart inflammation (pericarditis or myocarditis).

An ECG may be advised by a physician for a patient:

  • suffering chest pain and other signs of an irregular heart beat
  • dizziness
  • fainting exhaustion
  • Palpitations are the sensation of your heart hammering, fluttering, throbbing, or racing in your chest.
  • sweating and shortness of breath
  • to track the effects of specific medications or implantable cardiac devices (such a permanent pacemaker).

What are the benefits of ECG Tests at home?

Convenience is among the most important advantages of performing ECGs at home. Patients don’t need to go to the hospital or clinic to do the test because they can do it at home. It is simpler for those with hectic schedules to focus their health because patients can schedule the test whenever is most convenient for them. Patients can save time and money by having their ECGs done at home instead of traveling to a hospital or clinic. Patients can save time and money with ECG at home by having the test completed in their own residences.

Patients can receive individualized care and have their ECG readings taken at home by a qualified practitioner. The most accurate readings, which can lead to better diagnosis and therapy, can result from this individualized attention without interruption. ECGs must be administered by someone with specialized training, and it is essential that a trained expert carry out the test. Patients can feel secure knowing they are getting the test at home from a qualified expert who is experienced in taking ECGs.

Patients with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to hospital-acquired illnesses. Patients who use ECG at home reduce their chance of contracting infections that may be present at clinics or hospitals. For older patients or those with serious conditions, getting to a hospital or clinic for an ECG can be difficult. They can take the ECG test in a familiar and relaxed setting at home, reducing tension or any form of anxiety.

How to prepare for an ECG test at home?

It is now feasible to receive an ECG exam in the convenience of your own home thanks to portable ECG devices and skilled healthcare professionals. It’s now easier and more convenient than ever to schedule an appointment for a home ECG test thanks to the growth of online medical service portals. A regular procedure like an ECG exam requires little planning. To ensure reliable findings, you can get ready for an ECG exam by paying attention to these suggestions.
Take off any metal jewelry or body piercings. These might affect the ECG test and cause it to give false results.
Inform the physician of all the medications you are taking. He/she must know about all medications you are taking, including prescription, over-the-counter, and herbal supplements.
There will be electrodes positioned on the chest during the ECG exam to track the electrical activity of the heart. You might need to take off your chest clothes to make sure the positioning is correct. So it’s best to wear comfortable, loose clothing that you can take off quickly.
On the day of the test, try to avoid using particularly oily body lotions to ensure that the doctors can place the electrodes without slipping.
Avoid caffeine-containing beverages at least two hours before the test. Caffeine is a stimulant that can raise heart rate and skew the findings of an ECG test.
Accurate ECG readings are difficult to get since eating or exercising might change the heart rate. For at least two hours prior to the test, it is advised to refrain from eating and exercising to guarantee reliable findings.

Our Process


Schedule an appointment


Technician comes to your home with a portable ECG machine ECG is performed


Recording is transmitted to a board-certified cardiologist for interpretation


Results delivered to you or your healthcare provider

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