About Dr At Doorstep

Dr At Doorstep is an innovative and unique healthcare services delivering Startup that brings the ‘’Family Doctor Clinic’’ to the doorsteps of patients at very economical and affordable rates. It is the unique health care delivery system that uses Health Informatics (Information and Technology in Health care). Dr At Doorstep was launched in February, 2017 under NISARG WELLNESS PVT. LTD. in Vadodara.

Dr At Doorstep is an innovative value-based medical treatment service that enables people over the age of 60 to be self-sufficient in terms of time, travel, people, transparency, access, and affordability to medical treatment that lowers disease costs, eliminates the limited access provided by the current medical system, and creates value-based medical treatment using health informatics to raise overall healthcare standards in India.

Unlike other alternatives, we are providing physidigital medical treatment for the diseases.

Why do you need Dr At Doorstep?

Unlike Hospitals/ clinics/ dispensary Dr At Doorstep services helps old age people who wants to be independent by time, money, diseases and socially. We believe that people over 60 years old living alone or with kids will use doorstep service for their day-to-day medical problems using mobile devices because it allows them to get Value-based treatment faster, and better and make them independent from society and diseases.

What Dr At Doorstep Contributes to Society?

  • Reduce 5-6 hours of each patient’s time with its IHC model
  • Reduced medical errors by 95%
  • Decrease healthcare-associated infections
  • Reduce the death ratio by 25% through early diagnosis and treatment

Common Problems in Medical Treatment:

  • Access to healthcare services
  • An increase in the number of cases of infectious chronic diseases
  • Infections acquired in a hospital (for example, COVID-19)
  • Unplanned and unnecessary hospitalisation
  • Extra travel and service acquisition time
  • Transparency in treatment


Dr at Doorstep

How Dr At Doorstep is different from Home health care & general practitioners?

  • 24*7, all cities, paperless
  • Digital definitive medical treatment delivery system using health informatics
  • Skilled, experienced & trained Doctors (more than MBBS less than a specialist)
  • One-stop facilities of xray, blood, ECG , Medicines and more…
  • Integrated healthcare model
  • Data used for research and study trends of diseases
  • One stop medical treatment at doorstep
  • Continuing Medical Education for our doctors and nurses

About the Founders

The founders of this startup are well-known doctors in their respective field—Dr. Sejal Shah and Dr. Charu Amin. Dr. Sejal Shah is a distinguished orthopedic surgeon from Vadodara, Gujarat. He has been a visiting faculty to several medical colleges, is the first author to write a book on “Tips and Tricks in Trauma Management ” and has presented research papers at several national and international conferences (Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Hyderabad, USA, Brazil and Italy).

Dr. Sejal has been awarded with the “Best Orthopedic Surgeon of Gujarat’’ by Indian Health Industry in 2016. Dr. Sejal is a keen learner and after his M.S. in Ortho., he pursued M.B.A. (Health Care) and also acquired special trainings in Orthopedics and Arthroplasty.

Dr. Charu Amin is renowned medical professional having homeopath Doctorate degree with Post graduation degree in Hospital Administration and Management with 15 years of experience in Health care and certified medical practitioners having wide range of experience with multispeciality hospital in Vadodara , Gujarat. she is a very dedicated and vibrant medico personality and a person with very high spirit.

Dr at Doorstep

Dr.Charu Amin has over two decades of rich experience in Healthcare domain, both in Clinical Practice and Healthcare Management, across sectors – Hospitals, Corporate, such as Hospital Management , Administration, Patients relationship , Inventory management etc. She was awarded with Golden Star Award 2016 for “ HEALTHCARE-HALL OF FAME” by NIER ,Delhi . She has a special interest in Administration Quality and has spearheaded the Shreeji Healthcare consultancy firm for hospitals management.

We provide world class best doctors in allopathy, dentist, homeopathic, ayurvedic, physiotherapy and dietitian. You can have highly qualified best nursing care at your Doorstep with all laboratory investigation like blood, urine, stool, ECG, X- Ray. You can order online medicine through our online e-pharmacy store all at Doorstep.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide value based medical treatment to 10% of population above 60 years of age at any time and any place which helps in early diagnosis and early treatment of disease by tracking and monitoring disease and its treatment thereby preventing acute disease converting to chronic disease.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to provide value based medical treatment at any time and any place using health informatics to prevent acute disease converting to chronic disease.

Meet Our Team


Dr. Sejal Shah

Founder & CEO

Dr. Charu Amin


Dr. Yug Shah


Dr. Kalyani Mistri

Process Co-Ordinator

Dr. Ashutosh Vyas

Operational Head

Nilima More

Sales & Telecaller

Our Services


When you will need for Dr At Doorstep ?

01. Emergencies

02. For elderly couple staying alone, unable to travel

03. Long waiting in doctors or hospital waiting room

04. Need Assistant

05. Requirements of specialize procedures ( cauterization, tapping, oxygenation, ventilation etc.) to be done at doorstep.

06. Low budget

07. Regular daily, weekly, monthly check-ups & follow-ups requirements.

08. Prevent Hospital Acquired infection.