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Hello everyone today we are discussing about “Nursing Profession”

In your mind one question should be generated that , why I’m going to writing about nursing , answer of this question is if we can celebrate world health day, doctor’s day, environment etc. then also we should celebrate one day for one of the important people for our society, they are “Nurses”.

12 th may ever year is celebrated as a world nursing day.


As everybody required once or more time hospitalization in their life, that time doctors give their treatment for particular disease or ilness, along with that required someone who can look for them because no doctor in this world can stay with patient 24*7. No doubt that family members are their to look for patient but nurse plays important role with taking care professionally & personally as a family member that’s why we called them “ sister or brother”.


Do you know since when this noble profession is developed, & in the world who was force to established this noble profession, lets look for that also

“Florence nightingale” was the first lady from England start this noble cause.

Florence Nightingale was born in Italy in 1810, later moving to London. Early on, she knew her calling was caring for the sick. Despite her family’s objections, she pursued nursing training in Egypt, Germany and France.Nightingale proved her skills in the Crimean War, where she led 38 women to nurse the troops. Her efficient approach reduced death rates from 50% to 2%. Her successes, reported in The London Times, made her famous. Florence shared her emotional life primarily with other women, and rejected any offers of marriage. Despite her own ill health, she advocated for preventive medicine and better medical treatment for the poor.

Clearly, she made nursing a respectable profession for women worldwide.


Nowadays nursing profession is also provide resource for people to fulfill their family needs, that’s why not only girls but boys are also select it as a career option.

Mainly two types of nurses are available : 1) ANM 2) GNM

ANM : they can basically provide some basic nursing care , they are not work as an expert.

GNM : they are professionally trained & educated people who are provide care as we above discussed.

Only some of you might know the fact about that in today’s world nurses not just provide basic care, but they also help in assisting to the surgeries, procedure, in ICU’s to doctors ,they are also becoming an expert in intensive care unit management, cardiac care unit management, neonatal care management, critical cases of neurology, obstetrics & gynecology and such specialities.

So today we all wishing all the people who are attached with this noble profession a very

‘Happy Nursing Day’, & thanks them to all for serving our society.

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